Pioneering radio station planned

Soulwax are ready to unveil their new app-driven internet station Radio Soulwax.

Soulwax have always been eager to break new ground. The band's videos have a cult following of their own, while live the light show intersects with the music to create something quite special.

In the works for two and a half year, the Belgian beat boffins are now ready to unveil 'Radio Soulwax'. In essence a radio station, the group utilise state of the art technology to explode traditional notions of playlists et al.

Instead, Soulwax aim to make the station totally interactive. Using iPad technology 'Radio Soulwax' will reach a global audience, providing a total of 24 themed albums each containing a one hour mix.

Fusing audio and visual content, the mixes will be unveiled weekly across an 18 week period. As a special preview, Soulwax have uploaded 'Introversy' a brand new one hour mix to their site.

Click HERE to listen.

Free for all, the band are aiming to take mixtape culture one step further. Working with project director Fergus Purcell the band have crafted a visual accompaniment to further blur the lines of definition.

To intersect with the mixes, Purcell has created visuals which include the sleeves of the records used by Soulwax. Gently warped and twisted, the results are pretty intriguing and always keep the listeners on their toes.

Fused with message boards and social networking, Radio Soulwax will be available to stream online although fans will also be able to listen to and download previous shows using an iPhone/iPad/Android application.

Radio Soulwax launches on July 4th. Listen to it HERE.

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