'Brightest Darkest Day' due on April 15th

PYYRAMIDS are set to release their debut album 'Brightest Darkest Day' on April 15th.

PYYRAMIDS are a mesh of contradictions. The Los Angeles based duo betray a post-punk influence, with the shattered drums and edgy guitars reminiscent of Gang Of Four, Joy Division or early Cure.

However alongside this there's a pop sensibility, a brightness which can't be denied. It's like a fist clad in a velvet glove, or the kiss at the end of a lover's tiff.

Debut album 'Brightest Darkest Day' is set to gain a British release on April 15th, with indie label Paracadute ushering it into the watching world. It's a potent document, one that has already secured fans on this side of the Atlantic with its sweeping, swooping glamour.

Try out the title cut below.

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PYYRAMIDS are set to release 'Brightest Darkest Day' on April 15th. Tracklisting:

1. Brightest, Darkest Day (Intro)
2. Smoke And Mirrors
3. Don’t Go
4. Do You Think You’re Enough?
5. Paper Doll
6. Everyone Says
7. Invisible Scream
8. Time (Interlude)
9. Time
10. That Ain’t Right
11. Nothing I Can Say

Photo Credit: Eleanor Still


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