Chuck D reveals...

Hip hop legends Public Enemy are planning to release two new studio albums this year.

With a career stretching back more than two decades, fans could forgive Public Enemy for taking a rest. However the rap giants are still pushing back the boundaries, refusing to sit still even for a moment.

During a recent interview with Billboard, Chuck D revealed that the band are planning to release two new studio albums this summer.

'Most of My Heroes Still Don't Appear on No Stamp' will be released this summer, with Gary G-Wiz on board to assist the band in the studio - 'The Evil Empire of Everything' meanwhile will arrive in September.

The two albums are connected, with Chuck D describing the pair as "two concise statements that are connected in the same breath."

Aside from music, Pubic Enemy have been pouring their energy into the Operation: Skid Row street festival. The event will benefit the Los Angeles Community Action Network (L.A. CAN) which helps homeless people in the city.

"Skid Row has been called 'the dirty secret of L.A.' for, like, forever," he said. "And so, I'm gonna be loud about it."

"(Outsiders) look at rap music and artists in hip-hop as being as elitist as the power structures that keep them down," he said. "You've got organizations in your city that are trying to say and do the right thing - who are practically invisible - fighting for some media time.

"What other place do I have? My place in hip-hop is not to be a tycoon, making trillions with a yacht. That's not my place. My place is maybe bringing people together and me being able to identify and illuminate a cause, and we'll make it comfortable for them to be themselves but say what they've really been wanting to say all along, you know, with my protection."

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