Sort of... And it's only available in the US...

Prince will release three albums at once later this month, reports the Guardian.

The triple-disc set – due out in the US on March 28 – collects together ‘LOtUSFLOW3R’, ‘MPLSoUND’ and ‘Elixer’, with the cost coming in at $11.98 via retailer Target, based in Prince’s hometown of Minneapolis.

You may remember the artist formerly known as but now most certainly known as Prince did a similar deal back in 2007, releasing his ‘Planet Earth’ album via The Mail On Sunday, forcing sane individuals across the country to waste precious pennies on a dogshit rag for the sake of a CD. Cheers, Prince.

In a slight twist, ‘Elixer’ is actually the work of Bria Valente, whose debut album Prince has produced and contributed instrumentation to.

UK release dates for these albums are yet to be announced.


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