Ahead of the 'Clear Waters EP'
Silk 86

Silk 86 are offering fans a preview of new EP 'Clear Waters' - grab 'Flavour Playful' on ClashMusic.

House is very much the sound of the moment. Attending Bugged Out Weekender recently, the Clash team were struck by just how widespread the scene was - even bass heavyweights such as Skream seemed to be peppering their sets with some silky, provocative house music.

Silk 86 are indicative of this new mood. A project which unites Finn Casey and Thomas L, the pair seem intent on uniting the sprung rhythms of house music with darker tones informed by UK bass developments.

New release 'Clear Waters EP' is set to be ushered into the world by Manucci's Mistress (new sister label to Sccucci Manucci). Available digitally from February 25th, Silk 86's new EP is also due to be given a vinyl release for all you wax-heads out there.

Ahead of this, ClashMusic has been handed new track 'Flavour Playful'. All rushing house rhythms and tightknit bass lines, there's an edge here which is difficult to trace but impossible to ignore.

Listen to it below.

Fancy some more? Here's a quick video teaser.

'Clear Waters' is set to be released on February 25th.


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