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Shiny Darkly

Shiny Darkly are set to release their debut album 'Little Earth' on January 27th - listen to a preview on Clash.

Lumbering out of Copenhagen with hell-bound riffs, leather jackets and sunglasses permanently melded to their forehead, Shiny Darkly first snatched our attention last year. Promptly giving the group a Track of the Day slot, Clash opined: "Shiny Darkly sit neatly in the lineage vacated by The Jesus & Mary Chain or even fellow Danish types The Raveonettes."

Heading back into the studio, Shiny Darkly have now completed work on their debut album. 'Little Earth' will drop on January 27th, with Crunchy Frog stepping in on musical mid-wife duties.

Speaking recently, Shiny Darkly explained that the album will be preceded by a shorter release. "We decided to start out by releasing an EP. It will be the prequel to our full length album, and will be come out on a 12″ vinyl on November 11th, but we’ll have it with us for a special premiere at Airwaves". "It contains 3 songs – on the A-side you’ll hear our 9.40 min long single 'Dead Stars', which will be the ending song on the full album; on the B-side you’ll hear two energetic and up-tempo songs which aren’t on the LP. The album will be called ‘Little Earth’, and we expect it to come out at the end of January. We’re very excited about it."

'Dead Stars' displays more than a touch of Krautrock's more deviant side, with the vocals soaring into Horrors territory. Yet there's also plenty of Shiny Darkly's trademark dirty psychedelia, with the track soaring off into the outer reaches of the consciousness.

Listen to it now.

'Little Earth' is set to be released on January 27th.

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