Tim Burgess picks some rare cuts...
O Genesis

Founded just over three years ago, London based imprint O Genesis has quietly, without hype and un-necessary fuss, developed quite a name for itself.

For those dedicated enough to track them down, each release feels hand-picked, carefully crafted. The roster is broad, reflecting the varied tastes of the four people who drive O Genesis forwards.

A new compilation acts as a nice round up for fans and a good introduction for those sitting slightly out of the loop. '...And Now Our Lives Are Complete' will be available from March 10th, and contains choice cuts, rare takes and more than a few surprises from the label's three year history.

Tim Burgess has been heavily involved from the beginning, acting as A&R man, manager, design guru and distribution officer - amongst other roles.

With the new compilation fast approaching, Clash asked Tim to pick out three tracks which he feels perhaps merited a little more attention.

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Kurt Wagner - A Case For Vinyl
I worked with Kurt Wagner on my last album, I was writing the music and he contributed the lyrics. When I first read the words, it was like a voiceover to a film - I heard Kurt's voice in my head. I always wanted to hear it for real - he has a timbre to his voice that's like Nashville sunshine. He has such a gift with the pacing of words - both when he sings and also when he speaks.

We did a gig together at the Barbican and we performed a couple of songs where we both sang. It was one of those moments where you have to check that it's not a dream.

Slowgun - Heavy Head Boy
I'd made records before, in a band and solo too. I'd produced other people's records as well. But the attraction of setting up a label was to hear a band for the first time, offer them a deal, record them and work with them on everything from artwork to what's written on the run out groove. Right to the point where the end result is sitting in the rack of record shops all round the country. A friend had played me a couple of demos by Slowgun and I loved the songs and figured we'd work well together. They came to our studio in Middlewich to record a double A-side single, and there was time so we recorded a third song. This is it.

Within a couple of days if putting it on SoundCloud we got a call from Soccer AM to ask if they could use it on their weekly goals round up montage section. When songs are being used for goals round up montage sections you know you're doing things right.

Nik Colk Void - Gold E
Nik is one of the four people who started O Genesis and throughout the time from the first single until the end of last year she was working on Factory Floor's debut album and it was a hugely creative time for them. This was our fastest selling release - 250 copies went in a day. As well as the actual vinyl, It came with a polyurethane playable 'sleeve' that was cast from the record itself.

The track is a drone guitar masterpiece. We had to give a warning that if you did play the sleeve (and lots of people did - posting the results on YouTube) then the needle would damage the plastic and likewise the plastic would damage the needle, making it sound different each time. However you'd eventually end up with either the stylus or the polyurethane giving up the fight.

'...And Now Our Lives Are Complete' will be available from March 10th.

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