Grime label issues first album...
Coyote Kings

Coyote Records has pieced together a new compilation focussing on the best emerging artists on the grime scene.

In little over a year, Coyote Records has stamped its mark on the tumultuous, ever-evolving world of grime. Across a short burst of 12 inches, the label has etched out an identity which is based on fusing what grime is with what grime could be.

A knowledge of past/present, tradition/possibility runs through those 12s, and with its birthday now past Coyote has opted to piece together a new compilation.

'Coyote Kings' - all male, presumably - matches some big hitters against total unknowns. P Jam earns his place, while fast rising producer Arctic donates 'The Sicilian'.

Out on December 30th, think of 'Coyote Kings' as a late Christmas present for bass heads - or even an early New Year's gift.


Annoy - Fort
Arctic - The Sicilian
Checan - Don't Know What To Do
Chemist - Hoodrat
Jon Deville - Crossed Eyes
Notion - In The Corner
OH91 - Stealth VIP
P Jam - Be Yourself
Spare - Katana
Spokes - Pigs Riddim
Hell, we already knew it was going to be good - Coyote is run by Clash scribe Tomas Fraser, responsible for the always on-point Life At 140 column. Get caught up HERE.
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