"There is a method to the madness..."

For the past 3 years Butterz, a label now firmly established as one of the most exciting independents in the country, have been steadily reshaping the perceptions and expectations of Grime music. Originally setting out on a mission to bring the music back to the clubs, the label have gone from strength to strength and now boast one of London's most popular residences at Cable, as well as an impressive (and suitably brilliant) back catalogue spanning 12 releases.

As they look forward to celebrating their 3rd birthday this coming weekend, drafting in Joker, Lil Silva, P Jam and Oil Gang to perform alongside recent Butterz signee Flava D and a host of more familiar names in Royal-T, Champion, Swindle, Terror Danjah and Elijah & Skilliam, I managed to get Elijah's thoughts on a remarkable few years:

"I'm glad we all stuck together through thick and thin to get to make it to our third birthday. That Terror believed in us to help us get started, Swindle & Royal-T understood the vision and everyone else with us along the journey the listeners to us on Rinse, the ravers and of course people that supported the records. Nothing has really changed from the original basic concept of getting grime records back in the shops and bringing it to the clubs in our own way. Personally, I've made some great friends and had some of the best moments of my life doing this, and I'm always grateful of the opportunities that come our way."

"I want to continue using the platform to highlight emerging talent like Flava D both on the radio and on the label. We are doing more nights in London this year too; as a crew we have so much to offer creatively in all different kinds of spaces and you will see over the year how differently Swindle and Royal-T present their nights, plus we have our sister night 'Jamz' starting up so we will be up in the clubs a lot more. No doubt that is going to have a positive impact on the music and our overall output."

"There is still quite a lot of people we haven't worked with that I think we could do a great record with too. Some have appeared at the parties, some haven't yet..! Watch this space, there is a method to the madness that is Butterz at Cable."

Butterz Is 3! takes place at London venue Cable on February 23rd.

Words by Tomas Fraser


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