Parisian born, London based...
We Were Evergreen

Quick fact: more French people live in London than in Bordeaux, Nantes or Strasbourg.

A magnet for Francophone youth, the capital is now resounding to a growing community who are eager to fuse their French roots with these new opportunities.

Parisian born but London based, We Were Evergreen are taking this attitude, these intentions into the pop sphere. With their debut album on the horizon, new single 'Daughters' is the perfect starting point.

Glorious, hi-visibility synths are matched to sultry vocals, with We Were Evergreen magnifying that sense of gallic cool.

Out on March 3rd, Jean Tonique has stepped in on remix duties. Pushing the trio firmly onto the dancefloor, this is a truly French affair: electro house with a disco twist, those vocals seem all the more contagious for it.

Check it out below.


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