London group commence new project...
We Have Band

Using their East London studio as a base, We Have Band have begun to explore conceptual movements within pop.

Gradually building these experiments into something resembling an album, the band shared resources with former DFA lynchpin Tim Goldsworthy.

New album 'Movements' will be released on April 28th, with lead single 'Someone' arriving on March 17th.

Alongside this, We Have Band have built up a series of remixes labelled 'Removes'. In their own words:

"'Removes' is a series of five re-imaginings of 'Movements' album tracks done by Tom from the band. A process that was also done on WHB's second album 'Ternion', it was originally inspired by The League Unlimited Orchestra - 'Love and Dancing', the Martin Rushent driven remix record of the classic Human League album 'Dare'."

Clash is able to premiere the first in this series, 'Someone (Tom WHB Removes Rework)'. A lengthy, probing, meditative re-working, it seems to fuse the cerebral with the physical in the manner of, say, early DFA or even those epochal sessions at the Loft.

Check it out below.

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