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"All we know is that opposites attract..." is one of VN's most telling lines.

The rap newcomer - based in Kansas, doncha know - has an ability to fuse disparate influence, to bring oppositional dynamics together.

It's a heady brew. The xx sampling breakthrough track 'Angels' became his calling card, matching ominous, beautifully intense production to flashes of lyrical insight.

Completing work on new EP 'A.D.H.D.' the rapper has been able to expand on his undoubted promise. Opening cut 'Dancing With The Devil' features guest verses from Akillious, while Sonic Vision sits in on production.

Flitting between shadows, the beats are dank, dark and oddly gothic. 'Clvimed By The Sea' seems to inexorably pull you downwards, while 'Birds Of Pvrvdise' has a distorted, soulful feel.

Reference points could include Burial or even Massive Attack, with the production boasting a Tricky style sense of the noir. Nine pivotal, provocative tracks, you can listen to 'A.D.H.D.' in its entirety below. 

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