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Two Wings

Once almost viewed as a swear word, 'soft rock' is back in vogue.

Fleetwood Mac are lauded as musical geniuses, while groups such as The War On Drugs namecheck the likes of Tom Petty or Bob Seger.

The times, as someone long ago once observed, are a-changing. Two Wings fit into this slipstream, with their music recalling the smoothed out, sun bleached soundtrack for a 70s yacht party.

However there's a lot more to them than this. There's an aching melancholy to much of their songwriting, while the textures often linger in folk climes, or the gentle, pastoral side of psychedelia.

In fact, the band's Ben Reynolds previously worked with Glasgow psych-folk collective Trembling Bells... New album 'A Wake' is set to be released shortly via Tin Angel Records, and Clash has a neat preview.

'You Give Me Love' is, at heart, a 70s pop song, something Stevie Nicks could easily envisage. Yet the instrumentation, the arrangement and delivery is rooted in left field sensibility. Hanna Tuulikki's vocal betrays her free-folk roots, never once allowing the song to settle into familiar shapes...

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