Taken from their new EP...
The Vex

What's that rumbling in the distance?

Must be the heavyweight sound of The Vex. The band's self-titled EP drops on April 21st, and it follows some red hot shows in venues around London.

New cut 'Living In The' leads the way, and it pits the ferocious energy of punk against sharp-edged Jamaican rhythms.

Reminiscent of The Clash at their most righteous, 'Living In The' boasts a philosophical edge. Frontman Jacko explains:

“Inspired by the wonderful words of English philosopher Alan Watts, who has become a huge influence of mine, ‘Living In The’ is about existing in an eternal NOW. It's all there ever has been and all there ever will be. With today's mobile phone culture, it sadly seems more important to photograph or record an event than to be totally present and take it all in. As the song’s title suggests, we play and feel the NOW.”

Tune in now.

Catch The Vex at The Finsbury, London on April 22nd.

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