Taken from new EP 'The Number 4'
The Union Pool

It's difficult to know how to describe The Union Pool.

There are traces of indie in their synth pop template, which itself meshes together avant garde and mainstream sensibilities.

Essentially sitting somewhere in between Everything Everything, Beach Boys and Boards Of Canada, the duo - Joel Laslett Pott and Matthew Tomkins - have a sparkling sense of invention.

New EP 'The Number 4' drops on October 6th via Tape Club Records, each song feels packed with ideas, with potential routes for exploration.

"One thing I really liked about Matt was the way he seemed to think/work/create in patterns" says Joel. "He had a laptop full of cool little loops that just built over 30 seconds. I'd hear these ideas and want them to continue for longer."

Built up from these loops, 'Time And Space' is all wonky rhythms, glistening guitar loops and sighing vocals. Oddly contagious, you can check it out below:

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