Produced by Bernard Butler...
The Rails

Folk music is in a continual state of transition.

Ignore the traditional nature of the form for a moment - whenever a song is passed from artist to artist, it subtly shifts, changes in texture, tone and meaning.

The Rails are stepped in this tradition, yet have a voice of their own. Debut album 'Fair Warning' (full album stream HERE) is hardly folk - more in keeping with the folk-rock of that classic Island period, if anything - but there's a great sense of tradition here.

Album cut 'Habit' will receive a full single release on August 11th, and - somewhat curiously - it's been re-produced and remixed by Bernard Butler. This isn't some slap-an-Amen-break-under-it style remix, though, with the former Suede guitarist adding a renewed sense of depth to the recording.

It's intriguing to note the differences, the changes in mood and atmosphere that just a few tweaks can produce.

Check it out now.


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