Australian duo return...
The Presets

Australian dance music has always been a curious beast.

The (relatively speaking) remote location of the country had always seemed to keep it one step behind, one pace away from the cutting edge.

Yet the past decade has witnessed a slew of newcomers turn this notion on its head, with the Modular imprint leading the way. With fresh voices such as Future Classics now on the scene, the time is right for Modular to gain a second wind.

The label is swinging back into action, with mainstays The Presets unveiling new album 'Pacifica'. The group's first blast of new material in some five years, it's already available in their native Australia.

Making its way to these shores, the album will be given a full European release on October 14th. Sure, those bone crushing, dancefloor ready beats are in place, but where 'Pacifica' really impresses is in the details, in the minute shifts in songcraft.

Ahead of this expanded release - European fans get three extra tracks, y'see - The Presets have pieced together a new mix.

The 'Pacifica Deluxe Mix' is a warning, a primer for what you can expect from the album... listen to it now.

'Pacifica' is set to be released on October 14th.

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