Uncompromising Danes...

Danish group The Malpractice are lining up debut album 'MASS' - check out a preview on Clash.

Johannes Gammelby is a bit of a legendary figure in his native Denmark. A continual source of inspiration, the songwriter has poured his energy into countless groups over the years.

Yet The Malpractice promises to be a bit special. Mining a rather darker aesthetic for their second album, reference points include the noisier end of garage rock, the blacker end of grunge.

Sounding like Mudhoney in a particularly feral, outrageously grouchy mood, The Malpractice' new album 'MASS' is a tirade of clinical cacophony.

Underneath the noise, though, Gammelby's pop touch still reigns supreme, sprinkling the lightest dose of sugar on those corrosive riffs.

Out on March 17th via Crunchy Frog, 'MASS' is set to be preceded by new cut 'Lagoon'. Murky, sour songwriting with a tempting glint of evil in its eye, you can listen to the track first below.

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