Feral, intense psych-punk...

Funny how bands can merge into their surroundings.

The latest press shot for Telegram finds the band relaxing on a balcony by the Barbican, one of London's true monuments to Brutalism.

The building is a reminder that, once, another England was possible: homes built for the future, a country tied to possibility rather than tradition.

In a funny sort of way, Telegram are reminiscent of this drive, this ideal. Brutal yet beautiful, their material to date falls somewhere between Eno's avant-glam stage, the heavier edge of Krautrock and the inspiring proto-punk of, say, The Pink Fairies or The Saints.

Delivered with a furious intensity, new cut 'Rule Number One' finds Telegram honing their influences, their views and visions onto the head of a pin.

Erupting with barely any notice, this is three minutes eighteen seconds of detonating riffs, preening vocals and cement mixer drums.

Check it out now.

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