A rework of the Californian band’s ‘Tropics’…
Sunset Graves

I got a bit excited last year, when the debut full-length from Palms – a band featuring members of Isis and fronted by Deftones singer Chino Moreno – was confirmed for release, coming out eventually in June. Ultimately the six-track set didn’t live up to my (perhaps stupidly high) expectations, but nevertheless it makes for a solid listen and will appeal easily enough to fans of said groups (if you missed it until now).

I wasn’t the only one up for the album, at the time. Sunset Graves, aka producer Andy Fosberry, was also pretty hyped by the release – and took to it with rather more affection than myself. “To my surprise, it wasn’t only my favourite record of last year, but has become one of my favourite albums ever,” he says.

Fosberry – whose own (second) album as Sunset Graves, ‘Form Your Ghost’, is out now and available here – chose to remix the Palms track ‘Topics’, which we’re premiering here. “I chose that track because there are others on the album that, unarguably, can’t be f*cked with.”

The remix found its way to Palms/Isis member Aaron Harris, who shared it with the rest of the band and gave Fosberry their approval for its distribution. “Couldn’t ask for more, really,” says the producer, whose version uses newly recorded music beside two of Chino’s verses and an outro loop from the original version, coming together over a two-week period. 

Check it out below…

Download the remix here

Online: Sunset Graves / Palms

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