Featuring Aynzli Jones & Ghetts
Star One

Star One are set to release new single 'Wanted Man' on September 1st.

Star One are now a force to be reckoned with. The production duo's career encompasses ever-vital radio shows, deft remixes and of course their own material.

Utilising all the colours of bass - from jungle to garage, grime to UK funky - the pair don't so much bridge genres as build enormous viaducts across entire scenes.

New single 'Wanted Man' is a case in point. Out on September 1st, those chopped up Amen breaks nod towards early drum 'n' bass clubs such as the Blue Note - yet there's a buoyancy here, a sprung energy which leans towards UK Garage.

Rolling above the impeccable production, though, are two of the country's finest MCs. Aynzli Jones is the founder of Future Vintage, and his aggressive, no-holds-barred approach has made him one of the hottest new rappers in the country.

Ghetts, meanwhile, is one of grime's true innovators, an MC who has carved out an identity which appeals to the mainstream while keep true to his roots.

Out on September 1st, you can get a glimpse of 'Wanted Man' first on Clash.

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