Watching the world go by...
Rose Elinor Dougal

Each step taken by Rose Elinor Dougall has proved to be the right one.

New album 'Stellular' is out now, and it's a wonderful return - supremely intelligent, and laced with electro-pop wonder.

Co-produced with Boxed In, the lush electronics are set against lyrics that focus on life as a young person in the United Kingdom.

Rose explains: "The last decade in this country has been a really fucking weird time to be young. There's a theme of promises that are falling apart, and negotiating the wreckage of choices you might make that actually start to become less flippant and do have long-standing effects on your future."

New cut 'Space To Be' is drawn from the record, and it's a piece of intergalactic pop continually in search of a place to rest its head.

The video is remarkably simple, with Rose taking a train journey - yet this aimless, sterile journey also betrays the fractured and somewhat alienated viewpoints that permeate British life.

Tune in now.

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