Startling live clip...
Roman Romains

It's much more than a side project.

Sure, Roman Romains may well comprise Liela Moss and Toby Butler, but this isn't some musical holiday for The Duke Spirit pairing.

This new project represents a break from their past, an attempt to start something new. It's heavier, too, but not in the sense of metal - rather it's simply more intense, at times mirroring industrial sounds.

Debut album 'Zeal' is out now, with Roman Romains set to play shows in London and Manchester next week. Live, the band are something else entirely, with Roman Romains taking their sound in fresh directions.

Performing at H.O.T. Records West recently, the band took along a camera crew. Clash is able to showcase just one track from that performance, but it's a tantalising display of their live prowess.

'This Stone Is Starting To Bleed' is the sound of being pushed to the edge, of the world stretching you as far as possible. Almost recalling Nine Inch Nails, it's a driven, intense performance.

Watch it now.

Directed by: Josh Giroux

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