Supreme pop starlet gets re-worked...
Polly Scattergood

Intelligent pop, that's the thing.

Look at the 80s: everyone from Culture Club to Depeche Mode dominated the charts, with each and every one of them having a unique world view, interests which moved far beyond music.

Polly Scattergood sits in this tradition. Matching brooding electronic production to soft-as-clouds melodies, debut album 'Arrows' won much acclaim on its Mute-aided release.

Stripped from the album, new single 'Subsequently Lost' is set to be released on March 10th. As part of the release, Mute have helped Polly Scattergood arrange an all-star selection of remixes including Vince Clarke, Chad Valley, Can Love Be Synth, LissVik and Parralox.

Ahead of the official release, Clash is able to share Chad Valley's take on 'Subsequently Lost'. Teasing out the almost Italo style production into a gauze of synth-work and percussive ticks, the producer provides extra room for Scattergood's vocal to take hold.

Oddly futuristic, it finds the newcomer cut adrift, left floating in space amidst the weightless arrangement.

Listen to it now.

Photo Credit: Frank Bauer

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