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Pick A Piper

Ruby Suns have stepped in to remix Pick A Piper - listen to the results below.

Caribou is much more than a vehicle for Dan Snaith. Live, the project very much becomes a 'band' - with each member pulling the sound in a fresh direction. Drummer Brad Weber is a mainstay of the group, but recently launched fresh project Pick A Piper.

Augmented by Angus Fraser, Dan Roberts and others. Electronic textures meet polyrhythmic percussion, as Pick A Piper veer off into dreamy electro-pop territory. Both organic and profoundly digital, the group seem to sit at an intersection with countless influences flowing through them.

With their self-titled debut album due to be released through City Slang on November 4th, Clash is able to premiere a brand new track from the group. New Zealand band The Ruby Suns stepped in to remix 'All Her Colours' and the results are blissful.

Brad Weber explains: "I became good friends with Ryan from the Ruby Suns in the summer of 2010 when we were both playing a lot of the same European festivals. I visited him and his girlfriend Lisa in Oslo, Norway two summers ago and played him some demos that would eventually wind up being completed for the Pick a Piper debut. He was immediately curious and asked about singing on a track or two. I was stoked to get him involved in a remix too as I've always really enjoyed his past remix work. This one really gives the track a nostalgic sunny summer vibe, which is appreciated at a time where we are losing light and heat rapidly. A nice reminder about the summer that just was and that will return soon."

'Pick A Piper' is set to be released on November 4th.

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