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Paul Thomas Saunders

New artists often look to their surroundings for inspiration, which - if we're honest - can result in some rather prosaic music.

Paul Thomas Saunders, though, is quite literally aiming for the moon. The rising songwriter's debut album 'Beautiful Desolation' borrows its title from a phrase uttered by Buzz Aldrin during his history-making Apollo 11 mission.

"The album is called 'Beautiful Desolation', it's a phrase I appropriated from Buzz Aldrin upon his first few steps on the Moon (thanks Buzz). I decided it was the perfect title for my first LP about a year ago, I could hear how I wanted the album to sound by repeating that phrase like a mantra."

There's a certain dreamy quality to Saunders work which makes this easy to believe. Swathes of electronic production rush past, a gushing stream of noise which smothers an astute songwriting chassis.

Out on April 7th, new cut 'In High Heels Burn It Down' is already available online. Recorded at a hotel gatehouse on the outskirts of Leeds, the track was produced by Paul Thomas Saunders and band mate Max Prior.

A subtle, graceful arrangement, the electronics has a nostalgic ring, a little like the BBC Radiophonic Orchestra re-built for pop use. Building to an anthemic, grandiose finale, it's a hugely imaginative work, one which contains a hardened emotional core.

Check it out now. (Purchase link)

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