Dark, looping electronics...

Bergen is one of the creative flash points in Norwegian culture, a place which seems to link music with art, fashion with design, the dancefloor with the bedroom.

Pandreas hails from the northern city, and is a product of its free-flowing, do-anything-you-please artistic environment.

Catching our attention at the tail end of 2013 with a number of fascinating cuts - check out 'Ras' for example - the producer has now completed work on a new EP.

'Beluga' contains three tracks, but each one is lengthy, probing, insightful. Mastering the kind of sighing melancholic pervasive in The Field, Pandreas fuses this with a series of different influences.

Opening track 'Beluga' is dark, abrasive while 'Rube' is an extensive, fluttering techno salute. Closing with 'Vindsterk' this is a curiously difficult to place document - but then, that's what Bergen thrives on producing.

Check it out now.

'Beluga' is set to be released on April 8th via Sell Out! Music.

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