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Mojo Fury

We all need a little help sometimes.

Northern Ireland's Mojo Fury has fought hard to retain their independence, to be able to lead their career as they saw fit. So when the band sat down to plot their second album, they knew that a unique solution was needed.

Opting to use PledgeMusic, Mojo Fury pieced together a special offer for fans in exchange for funding. The following six months have been a blizzard of recording sessions, with plenty of special shows along the way.

Sealing off the recording process, the band are now ready to showcase their wares. 'The Difference Between' is out today (October 21st) and it's a marked progression from their debut LP - Mojo Fury have grown as artists, with their songwriting moving into new areas.

Yet the Northern Irish group haven't lost sight of their identity. 'The Difference Between' is still resolutely the work of a rock band, and it's informed by the passionate energy of their live shows.

Listen to it now.

'The Difference Between' is out now - purchase link.

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