Yep, it's a Depeche Mode cover...
'Just Can't Get Enough' artwork

Originally written as chart-hogging synth-pop anthems, Depeche Mode's catalogue has proved to have an enduring influence.

Stretching both themselves and what could be classed as electronic 'pop', the group's legacy can be found everywhere from the terraces to the supermarket.

'Just Can't Get Enough' is one of the New Romantic era's defining moments, and has been embraced and re-tooled by fans of Celtic FC as an anthem.

Now Megan Wyler has stepped in for a rather different version. An intimate, folk-driven arrangement, this new version of 'Just Can't Get Enough' soundtracks Sainburys' new advert and will be released as a single on June 9th.

Subtle, delicate and very beautiful, it showcases the tiny intonations, the wonderful control in Megan Wyler's voice.

Check it out now.

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