Sheer Balearic pop for the summer months...

Rain may be falling outside but - according to the Clash stereo - it's summer.

It's a time of year when temperatures are raised, tempos are upped and (even if only temporarily) we can all slip off somewhere with a more pleasant climate.

MAUSI seems to be tapping into this atmosphere. The band's new single is sheer Balearic pop, with its house bounce tailor made for the white island.

Out on July 20th, it wraps itself your ear drums and refuses to let go. From those liquid snare cracks to the final vocal, it's effortlessly slinky pop music made for the wee small hours.

The Magician steps in on remix duties, taking the whole package in a more club driven direction. Given a hilarious, dance routine-centric video, you can watch the clip below:

'My Friend Has A Swimming Pool' is due to be released on July 20th.

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