Taken from 'Entropy Pt. I' EP

Man Without Country are to return with new EP 'Entropy Pt. I' - stream a preview on Clash.

Fusing electronics into bewildering, psychedelic shapes, Man Without Country's debut album 'Foe' was a curious, slow burning affair. At times quite poignant, at others unashamedly euphoric, it found a group whose unbounded potential was only beginning to be glimpsed.

Heading back into the studio, Man Without Country began focussing on their next step. "The idea behind 'Entropy' came from our passion for digital manipulation and recycling audio" explains Tomas Greenhalf. "We dismantled some of our old ideas, took audio samples from old drum machines, old pianos, and even audio from our album 'Foe'. We manipulated and reconstructed them to create the new music".

According to Ryan James, the themes explored on the new EP are quite personal. "'Entropy' is the measure of how things move from order to disorder. We will never be able to travel back in time. Everything has to move forward. Regrets will always remain regrets, damaged relationships can be repaired but will never be exactly how they once were. Everything is slowly and irreversibly deteriorating".

Stripped from the new EP, 'Catfish' is a beautifully composed piece of work. Gradually building in intensity, it's fluttering synth work is matched to vocals from Danish singer Lisa Alma.

Stream it below.

Available from October 21st, the tracklisting for 'Entropy Pt. 1' is as follows:

1. Claymation
2. Oil Spill
3. Catfish
4. Deadsea

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