LIsten to it now...

Often cast as a Scandinavian ice maiden, Lykki Li's new album 'I Never Learn' shatters both hearts and preconceptions.

Take new cut 'No Rest For The Wicked'. A recent mix of the track emerged online, featuring a guest verse from American rapper A$AP Rocky.

It's a brave move. Lykke Li's voice is pure and strong as ever, paired against the gruff rhymes of the A$AP Mob kingpin.

Remarkably, it works. The rough/smooth dichotomy takes 'No Rest For The Wicked' to a new level, with both artists leaving their comfort zones far behind.

Now Dutch producer Joris Voorn has stepped in on remix duties. The co-owner of the Amsterdam based labels Rejected and Green, Voorn's tech-house style nods towards the Detroit school while retaining that dancefloor buoyancy.

The results push 'No Rest For The Wicked' into yet more new areas. Adding an electronic pulse, Voorn adopts Lykke Li as an unlikely but highly effective house diva.

Check it out now.

Lykke Li will release new album 'I Never Learn' on May 5th. Joris Voorn is gearing up for a full American tour.


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