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Let The Machines Do The Work

Let The Machines Do The Work release their new EP 'Let Me Be The One' today (September 30th) - listen to it on Clash right now.

'Let The Machines Do The Work' was a slogan employed by tech advocates - those who saw technology are removing the burdens placed on humanity by the daily grind. But - as anyone who has ever sat in front of a blue screen can testify - that's not always the case.

A four piece project from Brighton, Let The Machine Do The Work recognise the freeing power of technology, but also its restraints. A fast-rising disco-house project, the quartet recently completed work on a new EP.

Lead cut 'Let Me Be The One' is already a staple in their sets, with its supple, dextrous rhythms matching a reserved, deeply English sense of funk.

The vocals are joyous, pleading, yet also distorted, robotic - everything the group touches has that organic / digital play off. Available as a four track EP, Clash is delighted to be able to stream the songs in their entirety.

Out now via Champion, you can pre-order the package HERE or simply dive in below:

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