Beatific, lilting house music...
Joel Hood

'Balearic' is a much mis-used term.

At heart, it applies to the proto-Acid House soundtrack which first appealed to those adventurous London clubbers. Since then, it's been plastered alongside virtually anything which reeks of summer sunshine.

Joel Hood isn't from the White Island. In fact, the producer is based in North Yorkshire which - despite its many charms - is a hell of a long way from the Balaeric Islands.

Listening to his debut 'EP' though, and comparisons immediately shine through. There's a day-glo luminescence, with Joel Hood matching blissful electronics to sighing, dreamy vocals.

Out on September 15th via International Feel, label founder Mark Barrott says: "We’ve released just about every style of music (cos we’re Balearic) except Dreamy Pop... which of course is well Balearic, so here’s Joel Hood to bliss y’all out..."

Clash is able to premiere opening cut 'Gone'. Fragrant of production and lilting of vocal, this is pure, refreshing pop music with a (yep, we're calling it) Balearic twist.

Check it out now.

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