Premiere: HYPNOTIZED - Ghost Walk

Brighton based three piece...

When not helping power Esben and the Witch, Brighton based Daniel Copeman runs his own label.

Very much a DIY affair, Love Thy Neighbour is dedicated to helping provide an outlet for young artists in the Brighton / south coast area.

Uncovering plenty of unexpected gems, Love Thy Neighbour has now welcomed HYPNOTIZED to the fold. A three piece, their stark, gothic take on shoegaze has a noisy, abrasive, confrontational edge - well, they are named after a Spaceman 3 track, after all.

Forthcoming EP 'Telesto' drops on March 24th, but ahead of this Clash is able to showcase a brand new track. Utilising handmade Japanese oscillators, broken down 80s keyboards and all manner of percussion, 'Ghost Walk' has an eerie, unsettling atmosphere.

A little like Wu Lyf but without the hype, HYPNOTIZED have delivered an intriguing opening gambit.

Listen to 'Ghost Walk' below.

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