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Gentle Friendly

Gentle Friendly is the work is just two people, two minds.

Based in London, the duo matched buzzing, hand made electronics to indie songcraft, resulting in some bizarrely idiosyncratic gems.

Newly signed to Fat Cat, Gentle Friendly have now completed work on their bizarrely titled album 'KAUA'I O'O A'A'.

Out on May 26th, the material is built up from countless sketches and sonic experiments, with the duo sampling their own material to build up new tracks.

The band explain: "the twelve songs on this record are about a lot of things, but they are mostly collective love songs and songs about the weather. Some of them are also about skinhead girl gangs, circular time, arson... One thing we were thinking about was translation, how music from Chicago, Detroit and elsewhere could make sense in terms of this primitive broken-down set of instruments we have - two punks in an ex-industrial building hundreds and thousands of miles away hearing those sounds and trying to make sense of it in a different way."

Available to pre-order now - full information HERE - Clash is able to premiere new track 'Wild Grass'.

What does it sound like? Gentle Friendly, of course.


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