Yep, they're covering Seal...

GEMS linger in the shadows.

The blog success of their early, provocative material may have garnered enormous praise, but the duo have opted to retain their identities, to cloak themselves in a certain veil of secrecy.

Lindsay and Clifford - to use the only names available to us - have a knack for fusing undeniable beauty with unavoidable pain. Recognising that happiness and heartache are a thin line from one another, GEMS' material has a bewitching quality, one which overwhelms the senses.

For their next trick, GEMS have decided to cover Seal. Yep, the 90s star - but hell, inspiration strikes at the most unlikely of avenues, right?

An ice cold, grey-scale rendition of 'Don't Cry', every inch of emotion of squeezed out of the song with GEMS supplying an added edge of brooding menace.

Dark, bruised R&B with a monochrome, funeral touch, you can listen to it below.

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