Taken from 'John Morales Presents Club Motown'
John Morales Presents Motown

Motown sits at the roots of club culture.

After all, it's the label's hits - those glorious, seminal 45s - which soundtracked the Mod movement, before giving Northern Soul its beat.

Renowned producer, taste maker and remixer John Morales has stepped in to give some of the label's classic output a modern slant, adding his own voice to the process.

'John Morales Presents Club Motown' finds the producer re-working several classics, while also grabbing some lesser known cuts from the archive.

Ranging from Diana Ross and Mary Jane Girls, Rick James to The Temptations and even Teena Marie, the album is engrossing project which flips the Motown legacy on its head.

Late period classic 'The Boss' by Diana Ross is a sheer via moment, all glistening strings and a funky backbeat. Seizing upon those early disco influences, John Morales turns in a proto-house monster, all glamorous textures and Diana Ross' soaring, uplifting message of empowerment.

Check it out now.

'John Morales Presents Club Motown' will be released on July 21st.

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