Produced by Ben Drew...
Denai Moore

Denai Moore is set to release 'The Lake' EP on November 4th - check out a preview exclusively on Clash.

Born in Jamaica but raised in Stratford, Denai Moore is the product of a myriad of influences. Clearly knowledgeable on club culture, the rising songwriter's material is nonetheless steeped in classic soul, with her beautifully natural voice having a character of its own.

Posting the haunting 'Flaws' online at the tail end of last year, the singer's reputation has blossomed with each passing re-tweet. Ben Drew has been vocal in his support of Denai Moore, and recently agreed to help produce new EP 'The Lake'.

Swapping his Plan B guise for the producer's chair, Drew oversaw an astute, unfussy approach which lets the songs shimmer with a life of their own. Renaud Letang assisted throughout, with sessions taking place in London and Paris earlier this year.

Out on November 4th, 'The Lake' could well be the release which makes Denai Moore's name. Hugely confident, the emotive songcraft is matched to thoughtful arrangements which push and pull under Moore's voice like waves lapping against an ocean liner.

Ahead of the EP, Clash are able to premiere new track 'Everything' - produced by Letang, rather than Drew. It's a beautiful performance from Denai Moore, with her voice swooping and soaring, effortlessly capturing those high notes in a carefree display of ambition.

Listen to it now.

'The Lake' is set to be released on November 4th.

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