Stripped from their new remix EP...
Dead Light

Dead Light's intriguing journey continues.

The group recently sat down to sketch out a remix EP, based on material from their recent album.

Certain names were mentioned, more out of hope than expectation - yet somehow, it all slipped in place. They explain:

"When our label suggested we put a remix EP together we sat down and thought of a 'dream list' of people who we'd like to be involved. Andrea Belfi, Rafael Anton Irisarri and Luke Abbott are amongst our favourite, and most listened to artists and something about the prospect of the three of them on the same EP just seemed right. We were thrilled when all three of them said yes!"

'Dead Light Remixed' EP is out on August 25th - order LINK - and Clash is able to bring you a special teaser.

Luke Abbott seizes hold of 'Falling In', delivering a languid, atmospheric re-working that is heavy on murky, suggestive electronics.

Tune in now.

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