Sun Ra/The Qualities cover...
Cloud Control

Christmas is a time for suspending belief.

What other seasonal holiday could embrace a fat bloke dressed in red, delivering presents in record time across the globe?

It’s a feeling which ripples through the best in Christmas music. That sense of innocence, that ideal of simply putting your worries to one side and offering good will to all in your path.

Cloud Control are clearly in the Christmas spirit. The Australian group released new album ‘Dream Cave’ earlier this year, spending 2013 on the road.

Finally able to return home, the band have been inspired to lay down a festive cover. Originally recorded by Saturn born jazz legend Sun Ra (but inspired by doo wop group The Qualities) ‘It’s Christmas Time’ contains every you’d expect/want/need in a Christmas track. Sleigh bells? Check. Blissful harmonies? Double check. Lyrics that reek of unbridled innocence? Triple check.

Listen to it below.

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