Irish bred, London based newcomer...

True progress doesn't come in quick bursts, in sudden revolutions - it's gradual, a slow, patient incline.

Born in Ireland but based in London, Blooms introduced herself earlier this year. Carefully honed songwriting, each note feels very deliberately placed to create a stunning emotional effect.

Each sound washes over the next, with the inter-connecting chain building up into something powerful, impressive.

Debut EP 'If' will be available to download for a limited time on the singer's website. Tense, taut electronics matched to soulful vocals, the material aims to chart the full scope of a relationship. 

Blooms explains: "'If' details a relationship from beginning to end. It starts with a rush and excitement. It's vulnerable and dedicated. It is lost and scared and in the end it's trying to be brave and strong. I wanted to capture as many of the feelings that I felt during this time - as one person trying to carve out a space in the world alongside another person."

Clash is able to premiere the new EP. It's an enthralling document, one delivered with rare poise and maturity.

Check it out now.

Blooms will make her live debut at London's Servants Jazz Quarters on October 16th - tickets.

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