Ace Of Base covered in emotive style...

There's a fashion, a certain penchant for covering neglected 90s hits.

It's almost as if the memory of the song counts for as much as the music itself, the nostalgia lending an emotive quality, like a faded photograph or a curled letter.

Nashville three piece BASECAMP utilise codeine soaked synths, with their melodies displaying traces of a husky, skeletal take on R&B.

As a treat for fans, BASECAMP regularly perform a version 'All That She Wants' by Ace Of Base. Locating the lingering loneliness within the hit single, the band play it straight - to devastating effect.

Recording the track in their studio, the trio add some syrupy, pared down production which only seems to add to the intense gloom, the refined melancholia of the original.

Listen to it now.

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