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What do you do when you've achieved all your goals?

Set new ones, of course. Born in Colchester, Dominic Gentry achieved huge acclaim as a techno producer with his tracks gaining spins across the globe.

Using the name Attaque, the English artist was able to fuse a dextrous rhythmic touch with a sense of innovation which grasped techno's lineage without losing sight of his independence.

Yet the producer still tired of this. Deciding to make a series of more down tempo, electronic-focussed cuts, Attaque is set to release new album 'ON LY OU' later this year.

New single 'Only You' will be released on August 18th via Bad Life, a warped, woozy, almost psychedelic piece of production.

Petite Noir steps in on remix duties, pushing 'Only You' into a near hip hop direction. Check it out now.

Photo Credit: Jess Soper

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