Glitchy, emotional electronics...

Ikey Ownes has stepped in to remix London duo Archivist - stream the results on Clash.

With their influences stretching from opera to avant garde electronics, Archivist are nothing if not broad. But then, looking at the careers of Ed Begley and Rory Simmons that's perhaps none too surprising.

Both are multi-instrumentalists, with Ed Begley having previously toured alongside Mystery Jets. Rory Simmons, meanwhile, has worked widely, including a stint performing onstage with Friendly Fires.

Archivist began to emerge in its own right earlier this year, when the two decided to head down to London studio ToolShed. Fusing electronics with a palpable sense of frailty, there's a jagged edge to everything the pair put their name to.

New EP 'Archivist' is self-produced and self-released, containing five tracks which continually run the gauntlet between cerebral approach and emotional impact.

Out on November 4th, Clash is able to stream the Ikey Owens remix of recent cut 'Wonder Through' before anyone else. Emphasising the skeletal nature of the piece, Ikey Ownes draws out the vocal line to craft something both simple and eloquent.

Listen to it now.

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