Charming, downbeat, simple, and creative...
Alice Jemima

Alice Jemima released her debut album earlier this year, a collection of simple yet wonderfully creative songs.

Since then, she's barely stopped, playing live shows across Europe while continually working on fresh projects.

New single 'Take Me Back' is out now on Sunday Best, and it's a neat introduction to her world.

Alice comments: "Production-wise it’s pretty much stayed the same along the way, I tried to change it up a bit, give it more of an electronic vibe but it seems to be one of those tracks where a percussive feel works best."

On the flip, fans can find a version of new track 'Home', a charming and deceptively simple offering with a warm, fuzzy centre.

Tune in now.

Catch Alice Jemima at the following shows:

27 The Big Feastival

7 Neighbourhood Festival

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