Hip hop producer prepares four albums

One of the most renowned producers to work in both hip hop and avant rock circles, Prefuse 73 is set to release an astonishing three new albums in just six weeks.

Real name Guillermo Scott Herren, Prefuse 73 is one of the most forward thinking producers in America. His instrumental hip hop work prove that the music can work without rap, while his deviations in left field rock music have led to Herren being asked to remix TV On The Radio, Pelican, BLK JKS and Cornelius.

Signed to Warp in the UK, Prefuse 73 is due to release his new album 'Everything She Touched Turned Ampexian' later this month. A stunning collection of fried glitch-beats, the album is like an encyclopaedic guide to one of American music's most forward thinking minds.

However that's not all, as Herren is planning to release a total of three albums and one EP over the course of the coming weeks.

Savath y Savalas is a side-project with Catalan singer Eva Puyuelo Muns, and the duo will release their new album 'La Llama (Stones Throw)' on May 12th. Before that, though, comes the new release from Diamond Watch Wrists - Herren's new band with Zach Hill.

The group will release their debut album 'Ice Capped At Both Ends' through Warp Records, a record that nods to acid-folk, Krautrock and much more.

Finally, Prefuse 73 will release their new EP 'The Forest Of Oversensitivity' which is said to be a deviation from the project's trademark sound, with more vocals and less glitch outbursts.

So that's that. Start saving the pennies, folks!

Prefuse 73 is due to release his new album 'Everything She Touched Turned Ampexian' on April 20th.

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