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Porcelain Raft

Porcelain Raft has unveiled new album 'Permanent Signal' - listen to it below.

Touring can often be a lonely experience, particularly for a solo artist. Porcelain Raft may frequently expand for live performances, but most of the time Mauro Remiddi was left to his own devices.

Lacking friends, family, the songwriter turned this experience into something special. Fusing these feelings with his music, the results are spread across new album 'Permanent Signal'.

"In a way, growing up in Italy, then living for 12 years in London, and now two and a half years in New York, made me realize that I have some dear friends I rarely see" he explained. "I was touring almost non-stop for eight months and I started having these imaginary conversations in my head with people I wanted to communicate with, but for one reason or another it couldn’t happen. This is where the album title came from: the idea of a signal that says the line is off."

Shifting away from the dense, layered approach of his previous album, Remiddi chose to utilise arrangements with more space. "I wanted to record in the studio just to capture the guitars and drums properly" he said, "and to have some real input from musicians I respected and loved to hang with."

The first hint of this new approach is now online. 'Think Of The Ocean' is a gentle, pastoral return - back with visuals from Remiddi himself, you can watch the video now.

'Permanent Signal' is set to be released on August 20th. Tracklisting:

1. Think Of The Ocean
2. Cluster
3. Minor Pleasure
4. Open Letter
5. Night Birds
6. It Ain't Over
7. I Lost Connection
8. Warehouse
9.The Way Out
10. Five Minutes From Now
11. Echo

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