Welcome... 'Hobo Robot'

Australian psych collective Pond are set to release their new album 'Hobo Robot' this Spring.

Psychedelia is on the rise once more. A new wave of tripped out groups are melting minds and breaking expectations, conjuring memories of the past while looking blissfully to the future.

Oddly, Western Australia seems to be a focal point. Perth is one of the most remote cities on Earth, with the area birthing ferociously inventive musical cosmonauts Pond.

A loose knit collective, the band have lurched their way towards album #5. Titled 'Hobo Robot' the document will be unleashed on unsuspecting citizens this Spring.

A lumbering slice of space rock, you can stream lead cut 'Giant Tortoise' below.

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'Hobo Robot' is set to be released this Spring.


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