Check out new track 'Chain My Name' now...

Polica have unveiled new track 'Chain My Name' - check it out below.

Polica never expected to be a success. The band's debut album was a slow burning breakthrough, the sort of thing which friend pressed into the hand of friend.

Well, now they're back. Second album 'Shulamith' will be released on October 21st, with the band opting to name their new full length in honour of a feminist activist.

Channy Leaneagh explains: "Her ideas and written word are hugely important to me and she is my muse and my mentor from the grave. I want people to know about her. Also Shulamith means peace and that is a good word for any band to put above their door for a few years."

Taken from the new album, 'Chain My Name' is glistening R&B with an intimidatingly intelligent edge. Superbly produced, there are nods to that glorious 80s era of fluorescent synths and shoulder pads.

Listen to it below - or pre-order 'Shulamith' to download it immediately.

'Shulamith' is set to be released on October 21st. Catch the band performing live in support of Sigur Ros at the iTunes festival on September 2nd.

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